Centre Life

  “I felt that Icould only get so far in my Dharma practice living in my flat. Livingin a Dharma centre gives me the level of involvement I need! It’slovely living in a spiritual community, great sense of all focused in asimilar direction. Also I need pictures of Buddhas and virtuous objectsaround me to remind me to be mindful, otherwise it’s all down-hill!”

“Do you enjoyliving here?”

  ” I enjoy living here very much. Thegood times and ‘the patience of enduring profound Dharma’- times !There’s a great sense of community, because we are all from verydifferent backgrounds- it’s great for stretching the awareness out ofyour own mind and seeing how different people live in different ways.Also there’s a sense of working through things together-spiritually andpractically. I mean we don’t all do group hugs every 10 seconds (!) Butif you want to know something or do something, one of us has either gotor knows the thing we want/need”

“Ria please tell us why you came to livehere?”

“Because I want to learn Buddhas teachings andlive in a spiritual community. And I enjoy working in the World PeaceShop”

shop front

From across the road

Buddha and Maitreya

Buddha and Maitreya

mike painting

Mike painting (as usual!)

out side side on

Outside looking in


Come and have a cuppa with us


The shrine

small meditation room again

Small meditation room looking at the shrine

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