Resident Teacher

Our Resident Teacher here at Maitreya Centre is Kelsang Lam-ma, she has studied and practiced meditation and  Kadampa Buddhism for over 25 years, so we will undoubtedly be able to benefit from her vast knowledge and experience from now on. For the last 10 years she has been a resident of Bodhisattva Centre in Brighton, where she was a branch teacher, and a student of the Teacher Teaching Programme.

“Dear Lam-ma, please tell us about yourself”

“I had an interest in Buddhism since my student days, but didn’t really get seriously involved until my late 30’s when I was taught beginner’s meditation at FWBO. I first met Geshe-la in 1980, and knew immediately this was the path for me. I went sometimes to Manjushri courses and days, but most of my early Kadampa classes were at Vajravarahi, Preston from various teachers from Manjushri. Vajravarahi was one of the earliest residential centres, and I was one of the directors who helped set it up. Then I moved South, and was around at the early days of Bodhisattva Centre; I started FP(Foundation Programme) in 1992 (it may have been early 1993, I’m not good at dates). I started GP(General Programme) teaching in 1994 in Reigate, and have assisted and taught at other branches ever since. I started TTP(Teacher Training Programme) in 2003, when I was almost retired because then I had the time for the commitments. At Bodhisattva Centre I sewed Sangha robes and Buddha statue clothes, and I also ran the centre shop. In the spring of 2004 I was ordained. In February 2006 I came to live at Maitreya Buddhist Centre.”

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