Rattan Garden Furniture

What is rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture in the modern sense is made from plastic, designed to look like the old natural style of rattan furniture from 50 years ago. It is plastic threads woven around the frame of the furniture into a lattice like pattern, which creates a cushioning effect of the material, making it comfortable to sit on.

The rattan garden furniture that’s on display in the UK is far greater than it used to be a few years ago. The quality has improved and the range of colours and styles is greatly surpassed.

How is synthetic rattan different to traditional natural rattan?

One of the main benefits of the new synthetic rattan is that it’s weatherproof. You can effectively leave the rattan outside all year round, and if it’s made from high quality materials, it won’t degrade over time at all.

For this to be possible, the frame needs to be made out of aluminium, and the weave needs to have been UV stabilized. This stops the furniture rotting, rusting, or fading.

Natural rattan on the other hand, cannot be left outside as it’s made from natural materials that will rot. It also has a restrictive style, the old fashioned waxed wooden chairs you see in conservatories, that lots of people in the 21st century do not like.

Can you leave rattan furniture outside during the winter?

As mentioned above, if your rattan furniture is considered weatherproof, then it can be left outside during the winter. You won’t even need to cover it.

The one thing you should probably store is the cushions, as these can get a bit dirty from the weather conditions, and don’t always do well when they’re wet (provider dependent).

To clean your furniture after the winter, you can often jet wash the dirt from in between the weave, making it very easy to clean and get ready for summer.

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